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Hubei: "feed grain" can double earnings

2015, Hubei Province, total grain output hit a record high, but the main crops market price in the doldrums, not farmers increase income, crop structure adjustment is imperative.
Cotton benefits fell sharply. Cotton market downturn, farm income continued to decline, and by the impact of imports hold difficult to sell cotton, cotton planting area is shrinking year by year. Not cotton, the "feed grain reform", replant cotton field silage is one of the options. Hubei rapeseed perennial planting area of about 1800 acres, with a total production for 18 consecutive years, ranking first in the country. But in recent years the cultivation of rapeseed industry to benefit lower Forced versatility development. Academician TD Fu Huazhong Agricultural University research team showed that the forage rape in 2 to 3 months, compared with growth of alfalfa, vetch and other high-forage more than doubled, and the high protein content, better feed conversion in forage legumes. Rape Industry maintained stable development, to prevent large-scale abandonment of farmland in winter, local conditions to develop forage rape is a good choice.
Restructuring planting, "fodder grain reform" is a viable path. According to the survey of Hubei Province, is planting grain silage earnings more than doubled. And silage market demand space. 2015 Hubei beef cattle slaughter 1.67 million, 5.68 million slaughter sheep, cattle and sheep total feeding capacity of 35 million sheep units per year of the total quality forage needed 3,000 tons more than the annual green fodder shortfall of 1,000 tons, especially the lack of winter and spring cattle forage situation is more obvious. Inside and outside the province have the silage market, can form new industrial silage, grain and oil supply from the outside into the supply silage is also a good market orientation.
However, the current "feed grain reform" existence "three difficult" in the actual production: forage purchasing and storage is difficult, because there are forage purchasing and storage time, the affected labor and harvesting machinery, often difficult to complete in a short time purchasing and storage ; cooperatives storage difficult because of lack of financial support, planting cooperatives and farmers are generally bulk, no bundling envelope, by harvest season high temperature, high humidity influence perishable rot; protect the interests of farmers is difficult, because modern large ranch generally contracts with large-scale cultivation and brokers, thousands of families of farmers planting silage assume greater risk.
To resolve these issues, to better promote the "Feed Grain Reform" structural adjustment of planting, Hubei Province, made the following three recommendations: First, to carry out "feed grain reform" pilot work. Recommendation to carry out conditional counties (cities, districts) or the town (township, Office) pilot project to promote the cultivation of food crops, forage crops to change the direction of efforts to build a breeding cycle, plus one production, grain and forage balance, new agricultural production structure of agriculture and animal husbandry combined. Second is to strengthen technical support for silage. Accelerate the combination of industry and Manpower to carry out major crop silage breeding, to strengthen the promotion of new technologies, increase silage, wheat silage, canola silage quality, promote the standardization of livestock breeding species, breeding urged win. Third, accelerate the development of specialized production of silage market players. Continued optimization "Grain Reform feeding" model of development, vigorously develop the "grower farming enterprises +", "+ planting cooperative farming enterprises," "farming enterprises + own planting base" and other breeding binding mode.