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Rugao state-owned grain assets to achieve "five in one" normal management

Rugao assets owned Grain implement the "five in one" normal management
One is to keep the assets in good condition normalized, Food asset management center staff to conduct regular inspections quit buying and selling assets, operating sequence, Guanhuzeren to the people, to ensure that assets are not occupied, to ensure timely maintenance of assets; the second is the new image of the assets to be normalized , especially those located in traffic thoroughfare, town library area idle stations to maintain fences, gates, green new image, walls freshly painted, writing and love of food grain gRAIN logo tagline; third is to promptly eliminate contradictions assets normalization, towns and villages of the boundary dispute, as well as historical site in question, to the implementation of staff rule out contradictions, eliminate hidden dangers; fourth is to make an inventory of idle assets normalization of idle assets to maximize the benefits of play, to connect township, town support urban construction zone, take the packaging investment, leasing and other forms, so that the idle assets to life; fifth is to strengthen production safety responsibility normalization idle, rental asset management is often easily marginalized, unclear responsibilities, leading to safety issues not being taken seriously, food asset management center to effectively take responsibility, while the implementation of safe production and Guanhuzeren, assessment together.