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Exploration of green food production

WASHINGTON According to the Henan Daily reported, agricultural development in the new situation, how to lead the development of modern agriculture in Henan with the development of new ideas, to lay the food production ace? April 13, held in Zhengzhou, reporters from the "2016 Annual comprehensive agricultural development for food production 'Science and Technology Support Plan of Action' Project Contract Signing and training sessions" was informed that the province science and technology support plan of action in the past from the pursuit of "yield-oriented "to" quality and efficiency "changes, the provincial Academy of agricultural Sciences and other three provincial agricultural units through technology integration, sustainable food production in Dancheng explore other 30 counties," green ", the province's grain demonstration production speed up transformation and upgrading.
To effectively break the grain production in the process of arable land constraints, resource constraints, disaster-prone and a series of problems, the province since 2010 began implementing the "comprehensive agricultural development food production technological support action plan" in each of the province's 30 food producing counties in the project area high standard farmland, wheat, corn and other staple food crops centralized science and technology promotion of demonstration.
It is understood that, starting this year, "agricultural development food production technological support action plan" will be officially renamed the "comprehensive development of agriculture for food production technology support action plan" to continue the project in 30 counties, "one of two areas" (ie, mu Fang, integrated technology demonstration area, a single technology demonstration area) construction, changing the past, mainly the pursuit of the goal of food production, explore green food production increasing and stabilizing model to promote sustainable development of agriculture. It is reported that the project this year and 24 million yuan of special funds of financial support, each project county will receive 80 million project funding.