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Nanning City, more initiatives to enhance the overall grain production capacity

In recent years, the city in reducing farmers' burdens, and mobilize their enthusiasm and work hard, stable grain production. Last year, the city decided to create ten thousand ares quality rice demonstration zone in the ancient town of the town of Binyang County, spicy, China Town, and other Wuling town, plans to use about five years time completed the standardization of production and processing base and build ancient spicy rice brands, including the construction of high standard 15 acres of farmland, the introduction of social enterprises to participate in full-service, the Guangxi University, Guangxi's rural Biochemical Corporation, Cathay grain and other involved in the construction. Currently there are nine dragon seedling planting harvesting mechanization production services, doctors Wo Commission ruled against integrated services Jufeng rice industry and a number of ancient hot Drying rice processing and sales service, "the impression of ancient hot" and a number of agricultural distribution service, full service, soil testing and fertilizer, the use of "Order" a combination of "single-point" type and other ways for farmers to service. Establish a "food bank", organized by the cooperative farmers, reduce costs, stable food production.
This year, the city will invest more than 3700 yuan to establish high-quality rice Chaoyang Dong Heng Industries Demonstration Zone in the cross-state town, construction of 30,000 acres of high standard farmland, and agricultural enterprises rely on the completion of full mechanization and modern food industry demonstration zone core social services, creating Se jasmine rice brands. Longan County in the construction of 1.3 million mu of rice Yanjiang Industries Demonstration Zone. The introduction of Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Technology Extension Station in Guangxi, Guangxi fruit station, Guangxi silkworm station and a number of research institutions, to promote the production of research and gathering settled WuMingXian ASEAN Economic Development Zone, Guangxi to build agricultural "Silicon Valley"; also in Hengmao seed industry, seed industry Reiter, Katherine and seed companies as the basis, in Guangxi's largest rice breeding center for the promotion of new varieties of maize in Wuming County and the ASEAN Economic Development zone in order to establish full production services system, to enhance food production capacity and lay a foundation for the research of food production in Nanning walk in the forefront of the region. (Reporter Ruan Xiaoying)