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Food network of selected countries

People, Beijing, April 18 electric (former member) as the national "Internet +" strategy to promote, the Internet has become the traditional agricultural industry to upgrade a new outlet. Recently, the Food Network's up to the "wisdom of the agrifood electricity supplier ecosystem" project finalists Development and Reform Commission in 2016, "Internet +" major engineering projects list security support, and access to national special subsidies for 30 million yuan, becoming the agri-food field of electronic business the only state-level grants eligibility, and the maximum amount of funding projects.
Internet wave sweeping the country, but also the flow of rural lanes and fields, leading agrifood this ancient and huge industrial transformation and upgrading, but also attract a lot of attention of domestic and foreign capital, industry heavyweights. Liu Chuanzhi, founder of Lenovo Group believes that China's agriculture industry is facing at least two opportunities to upgrade technology, one of modern agricultural technology upgrade, the second is the Internet technology upgrades. During 2016 two sessions, millet founder Lei Jun also said that this area will have a large number of unicorn-like enterprises.
Food Network as of COFCO and China Merchants Group, the two central enterprises to jointly build large agri-food stop integrated service platform, also assume the agricultural industrial chain development trade mission to explore. Food Network for the development of industry and health, industrial upgrading born, shouldering the national food service macro-control, the majority of service users agrifood industry mission of the times.
According to Du Feng, general manager of Food Network director introduction, the grain of network selected countries "Internet +" support projects of major projects to protect the "wisdom of the agrifood electricity supplier ecosystem" project aims to build new agricultural production and management system, set up Agri-food spot trading and settlement platform, third-party logistics management and control platform, supply chain financial services platform, industry information service platform and the next line matching system, based on analysis of large data requirements to achieve and innovative pre-deployment mode. Food network of selected countries to support the project, is a national network of food of encouragement and inspiration, fair and open justice is guaranteed will be committed to building the network of food industry benchmarking purposes.
It is reported that the grain of the network according to actual needs of agri-food areas and Internet converged innovation, the Internet thinking and traditional agrifood industries combined, and to find the age of the Internet agrifood business logic in the collision and fusion of the Agri-Food Industry and the Internet, so Agri-food chain to promote the efficient operation of the business, to achieve optimal allocation of resources to better serve the industrial, services, agriculture, agri-food service industry upgrading, and then explore the Internet and Agri-food in the field of fusion new ecological wisdom. Data show that since November 23, 2015 formally launched so far, grain up to a registered dealer network has already reached more than 2000, online cumulative trading volume 1.66 million tons, turnover of 3.5 billion yuan, has become the development of agro-food field the momentum of the best electricity supplier.