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Dalian Great Harvest Import&Export Co.,Ltd was registered in Quanshui Street,Ganjingzi District,Dalian,China,The company is located in Huanan RedStar International Plaza,Ganjingzi District,Dalian. The company is an enterprise doing importing&exporting business.The main business is production and sales of all kinds of kidney beans: White Kidney beans, Light Speckled Kidney Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Black Kidney Beans,and Sunflower Seeds,Pumpkin seeds etc. The products have occupied in many countries in the global market. At the beginning, the company purchased cargoes and signed contract with farmers directly. In this way, we have built up a steady group of suppliers.The company developed from several members to dozens of members in just 2 years and it still keeps growing.

The company has its own corporate philosophy:

1. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Thrifty; Practical; Humble; Creative; Excellent;

2. Management Idea: Cooperation and Mutual Benefits

3. Employment Philosophy: People First, Virtue First;

To ensure good and stable quality of the goods is our long-term trade relations with the customers premise, so we guarantee the quality from the origin of raw grain procurement at the beginning.From purchasing the raw grain to sending the cargos to the warehouse, we have conducted rigorous testing of each batch and the classification of the products of different quality. In order to provide qualified products, we not only used the sortex machines, but also has a team of skilled workers for manual selecting.

The company has its strict rules and regulations, but the working environment is very relaxed. The company always holds the idea of People First, which makes it earn popular fame in the same industry.It has become one of the first top ten enterprises in Dalian now.At the present, the company is rapidly developing, whatever in its original market or the new market. It still make great efforts to develop better.

We develop and we feel grateful due to the support of all friends.

Looking forward to the future, we feel confidently. We will always adhere to the philosophy of“Thrifty; Practical; Humble; Creative; Excellent”